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200 2024년

Jieun Kim, Muqing Yu, Jung-Woo Lee, Shun-Li Shang, Gi-Yeop Kim, Pratap Pal, Jinsol Seo, Neil Campbell, Kitae Eom, Ranjani Ramachandran, Mark S. Rzchowski, Sang Ho Oh, Si-Young Choi, Zi-Kui Liu, Jeremy Levy, and Chang-Beom Eom* († equally contributed authors), Electronic-grade epitaxial (111) KTaO3 heterostructuresScience Advances 10, eadk4288 (2024) [pdf]

199 2024년

Yujeong Lee, Daseob Yoon, Yeon-Seo Nam, Sangbae Yua, Chaesung Limb, Hyeji Sim, Yunkyu Park, Jeong Woo Han, Si-Young Choi*, and Junwoo Son(† equally contributed authors), Accelerating metal nanoparticle exsolution by exploiting tolerance factor of perovskite stannateMaterials Horizons XX, XXXX (2024) [pdf]

198 2024년

Yongjoo Jo, Younji Kim, Sanghyeon Kim, Eunjo Ryoo, Gahee Noh, Gi-Jeong Han, Ji Hye Lee*, Won Joon Cho*, Gil-Ho Lee, Si-Young Choi*, and Daesu Lee*, Field-Free Spin-Orbit Torque Magnetization Switching in a Single-Phase Ferromagnetic and Spin Hall OxideNano Letters XX, XXXX (2024) [pdf]
197 2024년

Jin Wook Lim, Dong Heon Choo, Jin Hyuk Cho, Jaehyun Kim, Won Seok Cho, Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Kisoo Kim, Sungwon Lee, Junwoo Son, Si-Young Choi, Jong Kyu Kim, Ho Won Jang*, Soo Young Kim*, and Jong-Lam Lee*, “A MOF-derived pyrrolic N-stabilized Ni single atom catalyst for selective electrochemical reduction of CO2 to CO at high current density”, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 12, 11090 (2024) [pdf]

196 2024년

Chaehwa Jeong, Juhyeok Lee, Hyesung Jo, Jaewhan Oh, Hionsuck Baik, Kyoung-June Go, Junwoo Son, Si-Young Choi, Sergey Prosandeev, Laurent Bellaiche and Yongsoo Yang*,Revealing the three-dimensional arrangement of polar topology in nanoparticles”, Nature Communications 15, 3887 (2024) [pdf]

195 2024년

Jinhyuk Jang and Si-Young Choi*, "Reduced dimensional ferroelectric domains and their characterization techniques", Microstructures 4, 2024016 (2024) [pdf]

194 2024년

Dong Kyu Lee, Sungwon Lee, Hyeji SimYunkyu ParkSi-Young Choi, and Junwoo Son*, "Piezo strain-controlled phase transition in single-crystalline Mott switches for threshold-manipulated leaky integrate-and-fire neurons", Science Advances 10, eadk8836 (2024) [pdf]

193 2024년

Kitae Eom, Bongwook Chung, Sehoon Oh, Hua Zhou, Jinsol Seo, Sang Ho Oh, Jinhyuk Jang, Si-Young Choi, Minsu Choi, Ilwan Seo, Yun Sang Lee, Youngmin Kim, Hyungwoo Lee, Jung-Woo Lee, Kyoungjun Lee, Mark Rzchowski, Chang-Beom Eom* and Jaichan Lee*, “Surface triggered stabilization of metastable charge-ordered phase in SrTiO3”, Nature Communications 15, 1180 (2024) [pdf]

192 2024년

Jung Woo Cho, Myeong Seop Song, In Hyeok Choi, Kyoung-June Go, Jaewoo Han, Tae Yoon Lee, Chihwan An, Hyung-Jin Choi, Changhee Sohn, Min Hyuk Park, Seung-Hyub Baek, Jong Seok Lee*, Si-Young Choi*, and Seung Chul Chae* († equally contributed authors), “Atomic Layer Deposition of Epitaxial Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Thin Films”, Advanced Functional Materials2314396 (2024) [pdf]

191 2024년

Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Dong-Hwan Yang, Seung-Young Seo, Jewook Park, Gunho Moon, Dongwon Shin, Yu-Seong Chu, Sejung Yang, Teruyasu Mizoguchi, Moon-Ho Jo*, and Si-Young Choi* († equally contributed authors), “Atomistic Probing of Defect-Engineered 2H-MoTe2 Monolayers”, ACS Nano 18, 6927-6935 (2024) [pdf]

190 2024년

So-Yeon Kim, Yu-Jeong Yang, Eun Gyu Lee, Min-Su Kim, Kyoung-June Go, Minseuk Kim, Gi-Yeop Kim, Sora Lee, Chiho Jo, Sungho Choi*, Si-Young Choi* († equally contributed authors), “Site selectivity of single dopant in high-nickel cathodes for lithium-ion batteries”, Chemical Engineering Journal 482, 148869 (2024) [pdf]

189 2024년

Lu Guo, Neil Campbell, Alexander J. Grutter, Gahee Noh, Tianxiang Nan, P. Quarterman, Si-Young Choi, Thomas Tybell, Mark S. Rzchowski, and Chang-Beom Eom*, “Tuning the magnetic anisotropy in artificially layered Mn3GaN/Mn3Ga superlattices”, Physical Review Materials 8, L011401 (2024) [pdf]

188 2024년

Dong-Hwan Yang†, Yu-Seong Chu†, Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Seung-Young Seo, Gunho Moon, Kwang Ho Kim, Moon-Ho Jo, Dongwon Shin, Sejung Yang* and Si-Young Choi* ( equally contributed authors), “Full automation of point defect detection in transition metal dichalcogenides through dual mode deep learning algorithm”, Materials Horizons 11, 747-757 (2024) [pdf]

187 2023년

Tae Wan Park, Young Lim Kang, Eun Bin Kang, Hyunsung Jung, Seoung-Ki Lee,Geon-Tae Hwang, Jung Woo Lee, Si-Young Choi, Sahn Nahm, Se-Hun Kwon*,Kwang Ho Kim*, and Woon Ik Park*, "Direct Printing of Ultrathin Block Copolymer Film with Nano-in-Micro Pattern Structures", Advanced Science 10, 2303412 (2023) [pdf]

186 2023년

Si Jin Seong, Minseuk Kim, Jeong-Min Kim, Changil Park, Semin Ko, Ja Yeon Kim, Mihye Wu, Young-Chul Song, Si-Young Choi*, Sungho Choi*, "Controlled crystal growth and electrode formation of single crystalline Li(Ni,Mn)2O4 spinel cathodes", Journal of Alloys and Compounds 961, 171082 (2023) [pdf]

185 2023년

Byeong Su Gu, Soumen Dutta, Yu-Rim Hong, Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Hyeonae Im, Seungil Ahn, Si-Young Choi, Jeong Woo Han, Sunmin Ryu, In Su Lee*, "Harmonious Heterointerfaces Formed on 2D-Pt Nanodendrites by Facet-Respective Stepwise Metal Deposition for Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution Reaction", Angewandte Chemie International Edition 62, e202307816 (2023) [pdf]

184 2023년

Michael Patton, Gautam Gurung, Ding-Fu Shao, Gahee Noh, Joseph A. Mittelstaedt, Marcel Mazur, Jong-Woo Kim, Philip J. Ryan, Evgeny Y. Tsymbal, Si-Young Choi, Daniel C. Ralph, Mark S. Rzchowski, Tianxiang Nan, Chang-Beom Eom*, "Symmetry control of unconventional spin-orbit torques in IrO2", Advanced Materials 35, 2301608 (2023) [pdf]

183 2023년

Kun Yang, Gi-Yeop Kim, Jin Joo Ryu, Dong Hyun Lee, Ju Yong Park, Se Hyun Kim, Geun Hyeong Park, Geun Taek Yu, Gun Hwan Kim*, Si Young Choi*, Min Hyuk Park* († equally contributed authors), "Wake-up-mitigated giant ferroelectricity in Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 thin films through oxygen-providing, surface-oxidized W electrode", Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 164, 107565 (2023) [pdf]

182 2023년

Min-Yeong Choi, Chang-Won Choi, Dong-Yeong Kim, Moon-Ho Jo, Yong-Sung Kim*, Si-Young Choi*, and Cheol-Joo Kim* († equally contributed authors), "Thermodynamically Driven Tilt Grain Boundaries of Monolayer Crystals Using Catalytic Liquid Alloys", Nano Letters 23, 4516-4523 (2023) [pdf]

181 2023년

Yong-Jun Kwon, Youngki Yeo, Min-Su Kim, Yong-Jin Kim, Heung-Sik Park, Jaegyu Kim, Si-Young Choi, and Chan-Ho Yang*, "Observation of Hidden Polar Phases and Flux Closure Domain Topology in Bi2WO6 Thin Films", Nano Letters 23, 4557-4563 (2023) [pdf]

180 2023년

Soo-Yoon Hwang†, Gyoung-Ja Lee†, Yuzhao Qi, Michael Abraham Listyawan, Kyung Song, Youngho Kang, Jungho Ryu, Xiaoyan Lu, Min-Ku Lee* and Si-Young Choi* († equally contributed authors), "Enhanced thermal stability by short-range ordered ferroelectricity in K0.5Na0.5NbO3-based piezoelectric oxides", Materials Horizons 10, 2656 (2023) [pdf]

179 2023년

Ji-Sang An, Hae-Seung Lee, Pilgyu Byeon, Dongho Kim, Hyung Bin Bae, Si-Young Choi, Jungho Ryu and Sung-Yoon Chung*, "Unveiling of interstice-occupying dopant segregation at grain boundaries in perovskite oxide dielectrics for a new class of ceramic capacitors", Energy & Environmental Science 16, 1992-2002 (2023) [pdf]

178 2023년

Jiye Kim, Kyung-Yeon Doh, Seokho Moon, Chang-Won Choi, Hokyeong Jeong, Jaewon Kim, Wonseok Yoo, Kyungwook Park, Kyeongock Chong, Chunhyng Chung, Hanmei Choi, Si-Young Choi, Donghwa Lee, and Jong Kyu Kim*, "Conformal Growth of Hexagonal Boron Nitride on High-Aspect Ratio Silicon-Based Nanotrenches", Chemistry of Materials 35, 2429-2438 (2023) [pdf]

177 2023년

Un Yang, Byunghwa Kang, Moon-Jung Yong, Dong-Hwan Yang, Si-Young Choi, Jung Ho Je*, and Seung Soo Oh*, "Type-Independent 3D Nano-Writing of Confined Biopolymers", Advanced Science 10, 2207403 (2023) [pdf]

176 2023년

Ping-Luen Ho, Zhihao Huang, Lei Jin, Si-Young Choi, Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski, Joachim Mayer, Shik Chi Edman Tsang, and Xiaoyan Zhong* († equally contributed authors)"Atomic-scale determination of cation and magnetic order in the triple perovskite Sr3Fe2ReO9", Microscopy and Microanalysis 29, 326-333 (2023) [pdf]

175 2023년

Youngki Yeo, Soo-Yoon HwangJinwook Yeo, Jihun Kim, Jinhyuk JangHeung-Sik Park, Yong-Jin Kim, Duc Duy Le, Kyung Song, Moonhong Kim, Seunghwa Ryu* , Si-Young Choi*, and Chan-Ho Yang*, "Configurable Crack Wall Conduction in a Complex Oxide", Nano Letters 23, 398-406 (2023) [pdf]

174 2022년

Liguo Zhang, Litao Yu, Oi Lun Li*Si-Young Choi, Ghuzanfar Saeed, Damin Lee, and Kwang Ho Kim*"Facile Synthesis of Necessary Amorphous Structure FePO4 Nanospheres as Superior Sodium-Ion Battery Cathodes", ACS Applied Energy Materials 5, 5954-5963 (2022) [pdf]

173 2022년

Liguo Zhang, Litao Yu, Oi Lun Li*Si-Young Choi*, Minwoo Kim, Ghuzanfar Saeed, Shufeng Bo, and Kwang Ho Kim* "FeF30.33H2O@C nanocomposites derived from pomegranate structure as high-performance cathodes for sodium- and lithium-ion batteries", Journal of Power Sources 547, 232014 (2022) [pdf]

172 2022년

Yunkyu Park, Hyeji Sim, Kyung-Yeon Doh, Minguk Jo, Donghwa Lee, Si-Young Choi, and Junwoo Son*, "Anionic Flow Valve Across Oxide Heterointerfaces by Remote Electron Doping", Nano Letters 22, 9306-9312 (2022) [pdf]

171 2022년
Junghun Han, Kyoung-June Go, Jinhyuk JangSejung Yang* , and Si-Young Choi*"Materials property mapping from atomic scale imaging via machine learning based sub-pixel processing", npj Computational Materials 8, 196 (2022) [pdf]
170 2022년

Minguk Jo, Ye-Won Seo, HyoJin Yoon, Yeon-Seo NamSi-Young Choi, Byung Joon Choi and Junwoo Son* "Embedded metallic nanoparticles facilitate metastability of switchable metallic domains in Mott threshold switches", Nature communications 13, 4609 (2022) [pdf]

169 2022년

 Hyung-Jin Choi, Jinhyuk Jang, Soo Young Jung, Ruiguang Ning, Min-Seok Kim, Sung-Jin Jung, Jun Young Lee, Jin Soo Park, Byung Chul Lee, Ji-Soo Jang, Seong Keun Kim, Kyu Hyoung Lee, June Hyuk Lee, Sung Ok Won, Yulan Li, Shenyang Hu, Si-Young Choi and Seung-Hyub Baek*"Thermal stress-assisted annealing to improve the crystalline quality of an epitaxial YSZ buffer layer on Si", J. Mater. Chem. C 10, 10027-10036 (2022) [pdf]

168 2022년

Yanzhe Dong, Xiaoyan Lu*, Jinhui Fan, Si-Young Choi and Hui Li*"Strain Engineering of Domain Coexistence in Epitaxial Lead-Titanate Thin Films", Coatings 12, 040542 (2022) [html]

167 2022년

Seunghun Kang, Woo-Sung JangAnna N. Morozovska, Owoong Kwon, Yeongrok Jin, Young-Hoon Kim, Hagtoul Bae, Chenxi Wang, Sang-Hyeok Yang, Alex Belianinov, Steven Randolph, Eugene A. Eliseev, Liam Collins, Yeehyun Park, Sanghyun Jo, Min-Hyoung Jung, Kyoung-June Go, Hae Won Cho, Si-Young Choi, Jae Hyuck Jang, Sunkook Kim, Hu Young Jeong, Jaekwang Lee, Olga S. Ovchinnikova, Jinseong Heo*, Sergei V. Kalinin*, Young-Min Kim*, and Yunseok Kim* († equally contributed authors)"Highly enhanced ferroelectricity in HfO2-based ferroelectric thin film by light ion bombardment", Science 376, 731-738 (2022) [pdf]

166 2022년

Yu-Rim Hong, Soumen Dutta, Sun Woo Jang, Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Hyeonae Im, Si-Young Choi, Jeong Woo Han, and In Su Lee* († equally contributed authors)"Crystal Facet-Manipulated 2D Pt Nanodendrites to Achieve an Intimate Heterointerface for Hydrogen Evolution Reactions", J. Am. Chem. Soc 144, 9033-9043 (2022) [pdf]

165 2022년

Hoon Kim, Joel Bertinshaw, J. Porras, B. Keimer, Jungho Kim, J.-W. Kim, Jimin Kim, Jonghwan Kim, Gahee Noh, Gi-Yeop Kim, Si-Young Choi, and B. J. Kim* († equally contributed authors)"Sr2IrO4/Sr3Ir2O7 superlattice for a model two-dimensional quantum Heisenberg antiferromagnet", Physical Review Research 4, 013229 (2022) [pdf]

164 2022년

Ji Hye Lee*, Hong Joon Kim, Eunjo Ryoo, Jinhyuk Jang, Sanghyeon Kim, Jeong Rae Kim, Se Young Park, Si-Young Choi*, Tae Won Noh*, and Daesu Lee*"Thickness-Driven Morphotropic Phase Transition in Metastable Ferroelectric CaTiOFilms", Advanced Electronic Materials 8, 2101398 (2022) [pdf]

163 2022년
Sanil E. Sivan, Ki Hyuk Kang, Seung Ju Han, Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Si-Young Choi, Veeranmaril Sudheeshkumar, Robert W.J. Scott, Ho-Jeong Chae, Sunyoung Park* and U-Hwang Lee* († equally contributed authors), "Facile MOF-derived one-pot synthetic approach toward Ru single atoms, nanoclusters, and nanoparticles dispersed on CeOsupports for enhanced ammonia synthesis", Journal of Catalysis 408, 316-328 (2022) [pdf]
162 2022년

Min-Yeong ChoiChang-Won ChoiSeong-Jun Yang, Hojeong Lee, Shinyoung Choi, Jun-Ho Park, Jong Heo, Si-Young Choi*, and Cheol-Joo Kim* († equally contributed authors), "Substrate-Dependent Growth Mode Control of MoS2 Monolayers: Implications for Hydrogen Evolution and Field-Effect Transistors", ACS Applied Nano Materials 5, 4336-4342 (2022) [pdf]

161 2022년

Mohsen Saeidi, Minjong Lee, Odongo Francis Ngome OkelloSi-Young ChoiSeung Soo Oh*, and Abdolreza Simchi*, "Ultrafast Graphitization and Reduction of Spongy Graphene Oxide by Low-Energy Electromagnetic Radiation to Boost the Performance and Stability of Carbon-Based Supercapacitors", ACS Applied Energy Materials 5, 367-379 (2022) [pdf]

160 2022년

Kwang Hee Kim, Chang-Won Choi, Seokhyun Choung, Yoonjun Cho, Sungsoon Kim, Cheoulwoo Oh, Kug-Seung Lee, Chang-Lyoul Lee, Kan Zhang, Jeong Woo Han*, Si-Young Choi*, and Jong Hyeok Park* ( equally contributed authors), "Continuous Oxygen Vacancy Gradient in TiO2 Photoelectrodes by a Photoelectrochemical-Driven “Self-Purification” Process", Advanced Energy Materials 12, 2103495 (2022) [pdf]

159 2022년

Inseob Shin, Won Joon Cho, Eun-Su An, Sungyu Park, Hyeon-Woo Jeong, Seong Jang, Woon Joong Baek, Seong Yong Park, Dong-Hwan Yang, Jun Ho Seo, Gi-Yeop KimMazhar N. Ali, Si-Young Choi, Hyun-Woo Lee, Jun Sung Kim, Sungdug Kim, and Gil-Ho Lee( equally contributed authors), "Spin-orbit Torque Switching in an All-Van der Waals Heterostructure", Advanced Materials 34, 2101730 (2022) [pdf]

158 2021년

Hyemin Park, Eun Gyu Lee, So-Yeon Kim, Si Jin Seong, Jae Yong Suh, Mihye Wu, Yongku Kang, Si-Young Choi*, Yongseon Kim*, and Sungho Choi* ( equally contributed authors) "Free-Standing, Robust, and Stable Li+ Conductive Li(Sr,Zr)2(PO4)3/PEO Composite Electrolytes for Solid-State Batteries", ACS Applied Energy Materials 4, 13974-13982 (2021) [pdf]

157 2021년
Yujeong Lee, Daseob Yoon, Sangbae Yu, Hyeji Sim, Yunkyu Park, Yeon-Seo Nam, Ki-Jeong Kim, Si-Young Choi, Youngho Kang, and Junwoo Son* ( equally contributed authors), "Reversible Manipulation of Photoconductivity Caused by Surface Oxygen Vacancies in Perovskite Stannates with Ultraviolet Light", Advanced Materials 34, 2107650 (2021) [pdf]
156 2021년

Jongyun Lee, Wonjun Lee, Gi-Yeop Kim, Yong-Bin Choi, Jinho Park, Seong Jang, Genda Gu, Si-Young Choi, Gil Young Cho, Gil-Ho Lee*, and Hu-Jong Lee*, "Twisted van der Waals Josephson Junction Based on a High-Tc Superconductor", Nano Letters 21, 10469-10477 (2021) [pdf]

155 2021년
Seokho Moon, Sung-Jae Chang, Youngjae Kim, Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Jiye Kim, Jaewon Kim, Hyun-Wook Jung, Ho-Kyun Ahn, Dong-Seok Kim, Si-Young Choi, J.D. Lee, Jong-Won Lim, and Jong Kyu Kim*, "Van der Waals Heterostructure of Hexagonal Boron Nitride with AlGaN/GaN Epitaxial Wafer for High-Performance Radio-frequency Applications", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 59440-59449 (2021) [pdf]
154 2021년

Jongmin LeeGi-Yeop KimSeyeop JeongMihyun YangJong-Woo Kim, Byeong-Gwan ChoYongseong ChoiSangmo Kim, Jin San ChoiTae Kwon LeeJiwoong KimDong Ryeol LeeSeo Hyoung ChangSungkyun ParkJong Hoon JungChung Wung BarkTae-Young KooPhilip J. RyanKyuwook IhmSanghoon KimSi-Young Choi*Tae Heon Kim*, and Sanghan Lee* ( equally contributed authors), "Template Engineering of Metal-to-Insulator Transition in Epitaxial Bilayer Nickelate Thin Films", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 54466-54475 (2021) [pdf]

153 2021년

Shane Lindemann, Julian Irwin, Gi-Yeop Kim, Bo Wang, Kitae Eom, Jianjun Wang, Jiamian Hu, Long-Qing Chen, Si-Young Choi, Chang-Beom Eom*, and Mark S. Rzchowski* ( equally contributed authors), "Low-voltage magnetoelectric coupling in membrane heterostructures", Science Advances 7, eabh2294 (2021) [pdf]

152 2021년

Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Dong-Hwan Yang, Yu-seong Chu, Sejung Yang, and Si-Young Choi*, "Atomic-level defect modulation and characterization methods in 2D materials", APL Materials 9, 100902 (2021) [pdf]

151 2021년

Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Kyung-Yeon Doh, Hye Su Kang, Kyung Song, Yong-Tae Kim, Kwang Ho Kim, Donghwa Lee*, and Si-Young Choi( equally contributed authors), "Visualization of Transition Metal Decoration on h-BN Surface", Nano Letters 21, 10562-10569 (2021) [pdf]

150 2021년

Dong Kyu Lee, Yunkyu ParkHyeji Sim, Jinheon Park, Younghak Kim, Gi-Yeop Kim, Chang-Beom Eom, Si-Young Choi*, and Junwoo Son* ( equally contributed authors), "Heterogeneous integration of single-crystalline rutile nanomembranes with steep phase transition on silicon substrates", Nature Communications 12, 5019 (2021) [pdf]

149 2021년

Daseob Yoon, Yujeong Lee, Gi-Yeop Kim, Youngho Kang, Si-Young Choi, and Junwoo Son*, "Harnessing Selective Exsolution of Sn Metal to Enhance Electrical Conductivity in Oxygen-Deficient Perovskite Stannates", Advanced Functional Materials 31, 2105086 (2021) [pdf]

148 2021년

Junghwa Lee, Yujeong Yang, Mihee Jeong, Nicolas Dupre, Maxim Avdeev, Won-Sub Yoon, Si-Young Choi, and Byoungwoo Kang*, "Superior Rate Capability and Cycling Stability in Partially Cation-Disordered Co-Free Li-Rich Layered Materials Enabled by an Initial Activation Process", Chemistry of Materials 33, 5115-5126 (2021) [pdf]

147 2021년

Hyunjong Lee , Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Gi-Yeop Kim, Kyung Song*, and Si-Young Choi* ( equally contributed authors), "TEM sample preparation using micro-manipulator for in-situ MEMS experiment", Applied Microscopy 51, 8 (2021) [pdf]

146 2021년

Liguo Zhang, Yu Litao, Oi Lun Li*, Si-Young Choi, Ghuzanfar Saeed, and Kwang Ho Kim*, "FeF3·0.33H2O@Carbon Nanosheets with Honeycomb Architectures for High-capacity Lithium-ion Cathode Storage by Enhanced Pseudocapacitance", Journal of Materials Chemistry A 9, 16370 (2021) [pdf]

145 2021년

Kyung Song, Taewon Min, Jinsol Seo, Sangwoo Ryu, Hyungwoo Lee, Zhipeng Wang, Si-Young Choi, Jaekwang Lee, Chang-Beom Eom, and Sang Ho Oh*, "Electronic and Structural Transitions of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterostructure Driven by Polar Field-Assisted Oxygen Vacancy Formation at the Surface", Advanced Science 8, 2002073 (2021) [pdf]

144 2021년

Jaewon Kim, Youngkwang Kim, Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Seokho Moon, Jiye Kim, Si-Young Choi, Junwoo Son*, and Jong Kyu Kim* ( equally contributed authors), "Structural evolution of hexagonal boron nitride powder by Bead-milling", Materials Letters 300, 130118 (2021) [pdf]

143 2021년

Gangtae Jin, Chang-Soo Lee, Odongo F. N. Okello, Suk-Ho Lee, Min Yeong Park, Soonyoung Cha, Seung-Young Seo, Gunho Moon, Seok Young Min, Dong-Hwan Yang, Cheolhee Han, Hyungju Ahn, Jekwan Lee, Hyunyong Choi, Jonghwan Kim, Si-Young Choi, and Moon-Ho Jo* ( equally contributed authors), “Heteroepitaxial van der Waals semiconductor superlattices” Nature Nanotechnology 16, 1092-1098 (2021) [pdf]

142 2021년

Jun-Ho ParkSeong-Jun YangChang-Won ChoiSi-Young Choi*, and Cheol-Joo Kim( equally contributed authors), Pristine Graphene Insertion at the Metal/Semiconductor Interface to Minimize Metal-Induced Gap StatesACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13, 22828-22835 (2021) [pdf]

141 2021년

Junho Seo, Eun Su An, Taesu Park, Soo-Yoon HwangGi-Yeop Kim, Kyung Song, Woo-Suk Noh, Jaeyoung KIm, Gyu Seung Choi, Minhyuk Choi, Eunseok Oh, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Jae-Hoon Park, Youn Jung Jo, Han Woong Yeom, Si-Young Choi*, Ji Hoon Shim*, and Jun Sung Kim*, “Tunable high-temperature itinerant antiferromagnetism in a van der Waals magnet”Nature Communications 12, 2844 (2021) [pdf]

140 2021년

Min Young Kim, Sang J. Park, Gi-Yeop Kim, Si-Young Choi, and Hyungyu Jin*, “Designing efficient spin Seebeck-based thermoelectric devices via simultaneous optimization of bulk and interface properties ”, Energy & Environmental Science 14, 3480 (2021) [pdf]

139 2021년
Seung-Young Seo, Dong-Hwan Yang, Gunho Moon, Odongo F. N. Okello, Min Yeong Park, Suk-Ho Lee, Si-Young Choi* and Moon-Ho Jo* († equally contributed authors), “Identification of point defects in atomically thin transition- metal dichalcogenide semiconductors as active dopants ”, Nano Letters 21, 3341 (2021) [pdf]
138 2021년

Seung-Young Seo, Gunho Moon, Odongo F. N. Okello, Min Yeong Park, Cheolhee Han, Soonyoung Cha, Hyunyong Choi, Han Woong Yeom, Si-Young Choi, Jewook Park and Moon-Ho Jo*, “Reconfigurable photo-induced doping of two-dimensional van der Waals semiconductors using different photon energies ”, Nature electronics 4, 38-44 (2021) [pdf]

137 2020년

Hokyeong Jeong, Jiye Kim, Dong Yeong Kim, Jaewon Kim, Seokho Moon, Odongo Francis Ngome Okello, Sangmin Lee, Hyunsang Hwang, Si-Young Choi, and Jong Kyu Kim*, “Resistive switching in few-layer hexagonal boron nitride mediated by defects and interfacial charge transfer”, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 46288-46295 (2020) [pdf]

136 2020년

Jeong Rae KimJinhyuk JangKyoung-June Go, Se Young Park*, Chang Jae Roh, John Bonini, Jin Kwon Kim, Han Gyeol Lee, Karin Rabe, Jongseok Lee, Si-Young Choi*, Tae Won Noh*, and Daesu Lee* († equally contributed authors), “Stabilizing hidden room-temperature ferroelectricity via a metastable atomic distortion pattern”, Nature Communications 11, 4944 (2020) [pdf]

135 2020년

Shinhee Yun, Kyung Song, Kanghyun Chu, Soo-Yoon HwangGi-Yeop Kim, Jeongdae Seo, Chang-Su Woo, Si-Young Choi*, and Chan-Ho Yang*, “Flexopiezoelectricity at ferroelastic domain walls in WO3 films”, Nature Communications 11, 4898 (2020) [pdf]

134 2020년

T. Nan, C. X. Quintela, J. Irwin, G. Gurung, D. F. Shao, J. Gibbons, N. Campbell, K. Song, S. Y. Choi, L. Guo, R. D. Johnson, P. Manuel, R. V. Chopdekar, I. Hallsteinsen, T. Tybell, P. J. Ryan, J. W. Kim, Y. S. Choi, P. G. Radaelli, D. C. Ralph, E. Y. Tsymbal, M. S. Rzchowski, and C. B. Eom*, “Controlling spin current polarization through non-collinear antiferromagnetism”, Nature Communications 11, 4671 (2020) [pdf]

133 2020년

Chang Jae Roh, Myung-Chul Jung, Jeong Rae Kim, Kyoung-June Go, Jinkwon Kim, Ho Jun Oh, Young-Ryun Jo, Yeong Jae Shin, Jeong Gi Choi, Bong-Joong Kim, Do Young Noh, Si-Young Choi, Tae Won Noh, Myung Joon Han, and Jong Seok Lee*, “Polar Metal Phase Induced by Oxygen Octahedral Network Relaxation in Oxide Thin Films”, Small 16, 2003055 (2020) [pdf]

132 2020년

Wen Guo, Kyubin Shim, Francis Okello Odongo Ngome, Young Hoon Moon, Si-Young Choi, Yong-Tae Kim*, “Highly active coral-like porous silver for electrochemical reduction of CO2 to CO”, Journal of CO2 Utilization 41, 101242 (2020) [pdf]

131 2020년

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